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Go hot-air ballooning, drive a vintage motor, write a best-sellers – a few ideas for adventurous travel breaks closer to home.



Fraud involving rentals of holiday apartments and villas is on the rise.
Here’s some useful advice on how not to get caught out when making travel plans:




Fleece hats with built in headphones?  Texting gloves?  And thermally protective phone cases – did you know your phone mightn’t operate at its best in temperatures below zero Celsius and the battery drains faster in colder weather?



Check out some exotic and more local destinations with something to suit every budget.
This list of 14 more unusual travel experiences will give you lots of suggestions to explore the world in style this year:


This molly-coddling  taxi service could possibly do very well here – especially this time of the year!
Add a blankie and a pillow and one of our sleep eye masks and you’ll travel to work in sleepy style.  



Come visit Survive in Style Co at Dame District Christmas Market starting Friday Dec 13 until Dec 22.
Opens noon every day until 10pm. Free live music every evening from 6pm – 11pm.
Market Special: Buy three of our kits and pay just €20 each!
Located on Dame Lane just behind Dame Street and off Georges Street or Exchequer Street.


Survive in Style Co Model Stunners


The gorgeous Laura Scanlon and Jenny Lee Masterson from Assets Model Agency
are ready to Survive in Style now that they’re armed with our Style Kits for Men and Women!

Top 100 Most Stylish Girls’ and Boys’ Names:

gog baby survival kits

Olivia is the most popular girls’ name in the UK while Oliver is the most popular boys’ name. See the top 100 babies’ names list:



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Review your Hospital in Tripadvisor Style.

UK patients will be able to review their hospital on a new Tripadvisor style site to be rolled out next year.
The NHS is in the process of setting up the hospital feedback site which will permit patients and their families to complain about medical staff and ward conditions.
HS director Tim Kelsey claimed that in a trial of 20 hospitals serious issues had already been tackled using the system.
Meanwhile there’s definitely no news of the HSE making a similar move to help promote real transparency in Irish hospital care.


Travel in Greater Style by Booking Direct?

Are there advantages to booking a hotel directly rather than through an online travel agency liked Expedia?
If there’s no difference between the rate charged by an online travel agency and the rate charged by the hotel, most people won’t care where they make their reservation.
However, hotel loyalty programme, Stash Hotel Rewards, insist there are advantages to booking directly with a hotel.
They reveal Online Travel Agencies charge a commission of 20 – 30% to hotels to include them in their search results.
So if you’re reserving a room for €150, the online travel agency is charging the hotel up to €45.
Usually the hotel must also agree not to sell that room at a lower price to be included in their search results.
So if the cost to you is €100 either way, why bother booking directly with the hotel?
Cutting out the middleman saves the hotel money says Stash Hotel Rewards.  As a result, they claim a request for a room upgrade or an early check-in request is looked on more favourably when the guest is someone who booked directly with the hotel.
The same applies if a guest needs adjoining rooms or prefers a room on a high floor.
They suggest that hotels are also generally easier to contact than large online travel agencies and if guests need to change their reservation, they can make arrangement with a named member of the hotel staff.
Finally they also point out if you’re a regular traveller, you lose some or all of your points on hotel loyalty programmes if you book through online agencies.
Points to ponder before clicking ‘Book Now’.


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Top Travel Tips
Here’s a link to a comprehensive guide to staying beautiful while on the move – in trains, planes and automobiles.
We suggest that you make it easier by just take along one of our Travel Kits for men and women from!


Surviving Santa in Style!

The ultimate Christmas travel adventure for children. Greg Smith reports back from the magical winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland where his three kids met Santa.


Economy Fliers will Spend Time and Money for Greater Comfort

More and more people want to travel in greater style and comfort even when they’re flying economy.  

New research reveals that almost half of economy passengers are prepared to pay extra in order to get greater comfort in their class.

Travellers are also researching the width of seats to avoid 17 inch bone-crusher seats on long haul flights.

Female Pink Travel Survival Kit

Travel Kit from Survive in Style

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt Survives Pregnancy in Style


Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt is determined to survive pregnancy in style – by creating her own  maternity fashion range!

Jennifer, who’s expecting her first baby, has designed a range for the international online maternity fashion company, A Pea in the Pod.

The star revealed her new line called L by Jennifer Love Hewitt will be about clothes which are as comfortable and versatile as possible.

As a result her capsule collection of 15 pieces – due out in March next year – comprises of relaxed basic tees, comfy leggings, printed maxis and stylish cowl neck tops which she says can be mixed and matched throughout a pregnancy.

“With my collection, I wanted to design pieces that other moms-to-be could easily wear from the first trimester, throughout their pregnancy and even after their baby is born,’’ she said.  “It’s one less thing you have to think about or stress over while your preparing for or spending time with your new baby!”

Jennifer also revealed her range is also inspired by Hollywood beauty Halle Berry who had a baby last month.  

”She always looks chic and pulled together, which proves that your pregnancy doesn’t have to compromise your personal style,” she said.


Kelly Clarkson on the market for a  Go-Go! Baby Kit Soon?

American singer Kelly Clarkson may soon be in need of our Go-Go! Baby Kit as she has revealed she’s actively trying to get pregnant.

In fact she says she and husband Brandon Blackstock are ‘like rabbits’ in their efforts.

“I’m like now! Practice makes perfect!” she said.

The American Idol star admitted she never had a desire for babies before getting wed. However, getting to know her husband’s two children – Savannah (12) and Seth (6) – from a previous marriage has changed her mind.

“They’re so great,” she said. “I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five.”

With a bit of luck Kelly will need Survive in Style’s Go-Go Baby Kits in pink because she revealed that she’d love to have a baby girl.

“I did not ever want kids, but my priorities are changing because now I was a baby real bad – a big, chunky bad. I want a girl!” she said. “We’re thinking maybe two. I’m not patient, so I already have names picked out for a boy or a girl.’’

Go Go Baby Kit red



Survive Hospital in Style – And Safety!

Hospitals spend more money on hospital-associated infections than anything else – according to a U.S. report this week.

The medical costs of hospital infections in America alone is estimated to cost up to $45 billion per year.

And yet simple hand hygiene – like providing staff with pocket-sized hand sanitisers – is proved to dramatically reduce infections and costs.

Unfortunately, the monitoring of hospital staff has also proved to be key.

The New York Times reported that North Shore University Hospital used motion sensors and cameras in patients’ rooms to monitor hand hygiene policies.

When employees didn’t know they were being monitored they followed hand hygiene procedures 10 percent of the time.

Only when they were informed that they were begin recorded did compliance jumped to 88 percent!

Our Hospital Pamper Kits ensure you’ll Survive in Style while in hospital but they also come with an Instant Hand-Sanitising Spray pen and Anti-Bacterial Wipes to help Survive in Safety too!

Black Hospital Male copy 2


New Intelligent Travel Search App

Searching for the perfect hotel or destination for your budget or your interests?

You can cater for your own individual tastes and zone in on your exact travel preferences with the new intelligent travel search app, Gogobot Tribes.

Gogobot is already a world leader in trip planning with 580,000 reviews from people who love to travel and share insider tips. Now Gogobot Tribes allows you to define your own personal travel style and select the reviews which suit you. So it allows you to weed out the Five Star destinations and accommodations if you’re a budget traveller and to avoid the back-packers haunts if you’re a luxury traveller. It means you can travel in style – your own style – with this new app. See for more details.

Just make sure to take our Travel Kit for men or women with you!

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